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If you’re in search of incredible Children’s Fitness Classes, Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts has an amazing exercise program. Kids Martial Arts motivates kids to exercise, while helping them to grow and develop into well-rounded individuals. Finding a sport or activity for your child to stick with can be challenging, but martial arts shows kids the positive outcomes of being passionate and disciplined towards goals. In addition to exercising regularly, kids who do martial arts have opportunities to improve in all kinds of areas at their own pace. Most importantly, they have fun working towards their Black Belt! By introducing your child to martial arts, you’re really sneaking in the ultimate Children’s Exercise Classes into their week. Your child might not like the idea of exercising regularly, but they will love our kid-friendly sports program that lets them shine and make new friends!

4 Top Reasons Kids Benefit from Children’s Fitness Classes at Kids Martial Arts

Martial Arts is Fantastic Exercise FOR KIDS!

To help kids grow healthy and strong, they need to exercise at least 60 minutes a day and work on endurance (running), muscle building (push-ups and sit-ups), and flexibility (stretching). Our Kids Martial Arts Classes provide a great balance of this! Typical classes include breathing exercises, meditation, warming up with cardio and muscle building exercises, stretching, gymnastics (rolling, flipping, cartwheels), working on belt level appropriate techniques and self-defense, and more. All the games, obstacle courses, and relay races that we play also make Martial Arts fun Children’s Exercise Classes.

What’s especially great about class, the kids come full of energy, and go home with you way more relaxed. From having a positive exercise outlet, kids improve in studying, completing chores, getting along with their siblings, and sleeping. These are just a few positive outcomes, but the list is infinite!

Martial Arts Guides Kids to Develop Good Character!

Part of becoming a Black Belt means to build good character. From advancing in our Kids Martial Arts program, kids come to understand characteristics such as respect, discipline, perseverance, and ethics.

There are different ways we help kids to learn these aspects. When they come to class, the instructors are able to build wonderful relationships with the kids by working with them. This helps kids to learn how to better pay attention, listen, follow directions, refocus, and stay calm. Another way, each belt level has the kids observe a couple characteristics at a time. For example, while a White Belt reflects on respect and loyalty, a Green Belt observes the meaning of trust and confidence. Lastly, and perhaps our favorite, we have our Super Star Program! Every month, the instructors set up fun challenges for students to complete. Past challenges have included getting good grades, reading books, volunteering, and doing chores. This program is a mix of being competitive, while encouraging students to do their best. And the kids have a blast with these challenges! 

Helping kids work on character development is one way we see them grow. As parents notice great changes in their child at home and school, the kids increase in confidence and esteem. Their time at home and school improve, and they notice it too. Helping kids grow is why we love what we do!

Martial Arts Teaches Kids How to Reach Goals!

One of the reasons kids and parents love Kids Martial Arts, our program is structured, safe, and fun. The kids’ focus is on becoming awesome black belts, but they understand to get there requires achieving the other belt colors first. Taking Martial Arts teaches kids how to set goals, create action steps, stay motivated, and persevere through obstacles. From their efforts, they come to appreciate their discipline and hard work. Tackling a huge goal shows them how to accomplish every goal they set for life.

Martial Arts Helps Kids to Make Friends!

At Choe’s HapKiDo, we love training and having fun! At every class, the kids have opportunities to work in pairs and groups for various exercises, and they love socializing with each other. In addition to training hard, the instructors love to host additional events at our Martial Arts Schools. An event that students look forward to every year is our Summer Championship! This event is where students demonstrate their board breaking and sparring abilities and earn trophies. Other fun events include Nerf wars, Halloween parties, winter holiday parties, birthday celebrations, and more! Our Kids Martial Arts program teaches kids how to balance training and fun all year round!

Finding the perfect Children’s Fitness Classes can be difficult, but Choe’s HapKiDo’s Kids Martial Arts can change everything. Our program has a great balance in teaching kids how to exercise, build character, reach goals, and make friends. Martial Arts is especially good at helping kids make healthy habits, which helps when they’re adults. Having a positive experience with an exercise program like Kids Martial Arts will show them how fitness can be fun and rewarding.

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