Fun Martial Arts Summer Activity

Looking for a way to beat the summer boredom with the kids? Check out Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts! Having the kids take martial arts is the BEST Summer Activity and will keep them super entertained! To start their Black Belt Journey, here are 2 FREE Classes! If you’re interested in classes for your teenagers or yourself, this gift applies too!

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Are you looking for awesome things to do with your children this summer? If you’re searching for the BEST summer activity for kids, Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts will keep them entertained! Kids who do Martial Arts gain tons of benefits! Martial Arts fights summer boredom, reduces the time spent with electronics, encourages new friendships, and guides everyone through programs that are more than just exercise programs. Taking Martial Arts during the summer will also help your kids start the new school year with confidence and skills for success. Starting their Black Belt journey will definitely give your child exciting stories to share in class. Kids Martial Arts is the Best Summer Activity because it’s rewarding, fun, educational, and friendly for the whole family!

4 Top Reasons Martial Arts is the Best Summer Activity for Kids

Your Kids Will Love Making New Friends!

If your child is missing their friends or would like to make more friends, Martial Arts is the perfect place! Our classes allow lots of opportunities to engage with other kids. From playing games, relay races, and obstacle courses, they also help each other become better martial artists. There are lots of activities where the kids work in pairs and groups, and teamwork is what helps build relationships. What’s great about our programs is that your child gains experience in engaging with different ages, backgrounds, and personalities. If your child is struggling to make friends in school, Choe’s HapKiDo will help them with this area! Meeting kids away from school gives kids an opportunity to socialize and build confidence. Plus, the guidance of the instructors makes a difference in how the students get along. Overall, making new friends will rock your kids’ summer with new friends!

Martial Arts Will Inspire Your Kids to be Physically Active!  

Whether it’s hot, raining, or the kids just prefer to stay indoors, summers are when kids can be more sedentary at home than school. For example, walking around school and playing outside encourages them to move throughout the day. When they’re at home for the summer, it’s easier to get carried away with long hours on their computers, TVs, gaming consoles, and phones. Having Martial Arts Classes throughout the week ensures they’re exercising and maintaining good health, while having fun socializing with the other kids and learning about respect and discipline. In class, kids have a blast learning different kicks, improving their fitness levels, rolling and flipping on our mats, breaking boards, working on self-defense, and much more! 

Starting the kids at Choe’s HapKiDo in the summer also adds extra excitement because of our annual Summer HapKiDo Championship! Students of all experiences can participate and have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and earn trophies! The event is a wonderful experience that’s confident building, while teaching kids good sportsmanship and how to be even better martial artists. 

Especially during the summer when kids have more free time, Martial Arts is the best summer activity that’s fun and keeps them occupied. Our program inspires students to practice a number of skills outside of class, and parents are surprised to find their kids loving to exercise on their own. 

Martial Arts Will Keep Your Kids Occupied with Goals!

Summer is better when there are goals to accomplish! Kids could spend all break having fun on their electronics, but Martial Arts shows them how rewarding and successful it feels to accomplish goals. In addition to improving their overall fitness, working towards their first couple belts inspires them to train outside of class. Learning Martial Arts will teach your child how to achieve goals, break goals down into smaller steps, work hard, stay on track, and persevere through obstacles. Martial Arts training gives kids a sense of accomplishment, while teaching them invaluable life lessons and unlocking their potential. What your kids learn from Martial Arts can be applied to the upcoming school year and beyond.

Martial Arts Classes are Fun for Kids, Teens, and Adults!

A family that trains together stays together! At Choe’s HapKiDo, the whole family can enjoy taking Martial Arts! We have amazing Martial Arts Programs for Kids, Teens, and Adults! If you’re looking for ways to bond during the summer, Martial Arts is an engaging activity that improves communication, connection, understanding, and relationships. Working on the same activities and goals also increases teamwork and commonality. Martial Arts Classes can become fun summer weekly outings, while being time well spent.

Martial Arts Classes is the BEST summer activity because our programs have a lot to offer. Not only are kids learning something new, but what they gain from Martial arts are friends, important life lessons, a new love for sports and fitness, and better familial relationships. Most importantly, the whole family can join the fun. Everyone from child to parent enjoys learning the varieties of kicks, punches, self-defense, board breaking, and more. Martial Arts is an activity where everyone can celebrate each other’s successes, while supporting each other to do their best. This summer, the family’s stories can be filled with everyone starting their journey to Black Belt together!

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