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Looking for a kid friendly activity for your children to enjoy? Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts may be EXACTLY what you’re looking for! To try our family-friendly programs, here are 2 FREE Classes! Not only are the classes friendly for children, teens and adults LOVE our programs too! This gift applies to all Martial Arts Classes!

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Looking for a super fun kid friendly activity that your child will absolutely love? Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts has amazing programs that kids of all ages will enjoy. The Little Ninjas Class starts at 3-years-old, and there are classes for different age groups. 

Our instructors are passionate in starting kids off with the fundamentals of martial arts and guiding them to advanced levels! Whether your child loves superheroes, princesses, ninjas, sports, or learning new things, becoming a Black Belt brings excitement in their lives. As Kids Martial Arts teaches how to kick, punch, and all kinds of cool skills, Choe’s HapKiDo is also about teaching kids important life lessons that will impact their futures. 

Most importantly, our instructors’ number one priority is safety during all parts of training. With greatly structured classes, high safety measures in place, and certified instructors, everyone can train safely and have fun becoming awesome Black Belts. Martial Arts are fun things to do with kids, and they are activities that families love doing together! Our classes are packed with a variety of fun activities that guide kids to keep learning and growing!

3 Top Reasons Martial Arts is a Kid Friendly Activity!

Different Colored Belts Are Earned at Each New Level

Martial Arts is a kid friendly activity that motivates every child to do their best. There isn’t pressure from letting a team down or the idea of sitting on the sidelines. In fact, Martial Arts leads students to be ROCK STARS! If a child has never won anything before, or maybe suffers from low self-esteem and confidence, Martial Arts shows them different ways to be successful. By starting from the beginning and advancing to different belt levels, a student’s success is due to their hard work and skills. The different colored belts motivate and guide students through a well-structured program, while helping them to become physically and mentally stronger. From our experience as instructors, watching kids blossom is an AMAZING experience to witness that we NEVER get enough of!

Goals and Techniques Are Broken Down

Martial Arts is all about helping individuals learn new skills. From the very first class, techniques and forms are broken up step-by-step. For every technique, the instructors start students with the basic building blocks, and then build the technique to be more advanced. As some techniques require multiple small movements, eventually, the kids will be able to bring everything together and make them look like large swift moves! Everything that the kids learn increases their confidence tenfold! 

Similar to learning techniques and forms, goals are also broken down but into action steps. Aiming to become a Black Belt is a huge goal, and at Choe’s HapKiDo, there’s a number of belts to level through first. In addition to belt ranks, every belt level has its own goals to accomplish. What’s exciting for kids is that as the techniques and forms advance, they also improve in cardio, strength, flexibility, focus, and determination. The list of benefits goes on! Parents even see their kids practicing and exercising at home! By observing how big concepts and destinations are achieved, kids have more confidence completing projects outside of class, such as chores and homework. 

Kids Grow Stronger Physically and Mentally

What Martial Arts especially excels in is helping kids grow stronger all around. As the kids enjoy becoming physically fit from belt to belt, they learn how to apply life values such as respect, discipline, and focus. While being respectful shows kids how to treat others and themselves with consideration and kindness, being disciplined and well-focused teaches them how to apply themselves to the fullest. These values are just a few specific ones, but the kids learn many more life lessons that will carry them into being strong, independent adults. Taking martial arts encourages kids to work on things outside of school, and as a result of improving their abilities, their confidence and self-esteem skyrockets!

Watching kids grow in Kids Martial Arts is amazing. But for the instructors to be a part of their Black Belt journey—it’s an honor! Martial Arts is such a great, rewarding Kid-Friendly Activity for children to experience. What Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts teaches is to help kids have a better quality of life. 

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We also have Teens Martial Arts, Adults Martial Arts, and Family Martial Arts! There’s classes for the whole family to enjoy together!

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