Leadership Courses in Martial Arts

Looking for a program that will help your child excel in life? Choe’s HapKiDo will equip your child with tools needed for life! Through our Martial Arts Leadership Courses, your child will learn how to be strong, independent, and compassionate individuals. Developing leadership skills aid children to achieve whatever they set their minds to in life!

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Martial Arts benefit students in various ways. On top of being a great fitness program, martial arts also help individuals grow mentally strong. Specifically, people of all ages can enjoy taking Martial Arts, while working on soft skills that will aid in their success in academics, jobs, careers, and all other pursuits. 

One soft skill that students can develop at Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts is leadership. What’s great about developing leadership skills is that it helps improve other soft skills such as team work, communication, work ethics, and problem solving. At Choe’s HapKiDo, we are ecstatic to offer leadership courses through our Junior Instructor and Assistant Instructor (Junior/Assistant Instructor) Programs! Junior Instructor Classes are for elementary and middle schoolers, and the Assistant Instructor Classes are for high schoolers and adults.

By enrolling in our Martial Arts Leadership Courses, kids, teens, and adults can apply what they learned to all parts of their lives, and become influential leaders in school, workplaces, and communities.

4 Top Benefits of taking Martial Arts Leadership courses

Learn to become Excellent Teachers & coaches!

One of the main roles of a Junior Instructor and Assistant Instructor is to grow into great teachers and coaches. Both Instructor programs meet weekly to help students develop leadership and teaching skills. For classes, belt tests, and special events, instructors learn how to effectively teach and lead in all parts of our Martial Arts programs.

Teaching is especially a rewarding process, as it shows individuals how to be helpful, compassionate, positive, and motivating! As instructors increase their understanding of martial arts, they especially learn how to better engage with others.

These leadership opportunities also help students to become confident in public speaking and interacting with people. Whether an individual has to interact with one person or a whole room, the experience gained from Martial Arts leadership courses improve their communication skills.

Learn to Build Positive Relationships

Building relationships is a valuable skill to have! Being able to connect with people helps individuals to make friends at school and workplaces.

Junior/Assistant Instructors often work with individual students, and as a result improve skills in building common ground, being flexible, and solving problems. If the student they’re working with isn’t understanding how to do a technique, the student instructor has to figure out how to connect with the student’s learning process.

Another way students can learn how to develop relationships is having experience connecting with large groups. Whether it’s leading a small group or an entire class of through basic kicking exercises (and assigning kicks to each belt level!), the leaders in training are working on management, communication, and teamwork. Learning how to build relationships improves everyday life. These Martial Arts leadership courses especially help individuals develop great interpersonal skills!

Develop Good ingegrity and become Super dependable!

If a high schooler wants to run for student council, or when there are opportunities for work promotions, having experience where one can show times when they stuck to their values or came through for a team makes a difference on the applications and interviews. Junior/Assistant Instructor programs have practice in being reliable, great team players, and professional. 

In the Junior/Assistant Instructor programs, student instructors are entrusted with responsibilities ranging from small to big tasks. One example, an Assistant Instructor may help students keep a straight line. Another example, an instructor might need to delegate tasks to other instructors. Or during a belt test, a few instructors need to arrive early to set up the school.

Our Junior/Assistant Instructors leaders understand they’re in a cool, unique position to help class and students. When obstacles come up in class, knowing how to stay calm under pressure and complete tasks with integrity are skills that will carry individuals far.

improve problem-solving skills

In life, there are times when problems have to be solved independently or in collaboration with others. Whether in calm or stressful situations, knowing how to adapt, plan, and act helps individuals to be versatile. Being able to come up with solutions in any situation also makes individuals valuable, reliable, and independent. Martial Arts leadership courses give students experience to practice being decisive in a positive environment where instructors can help the students grow. From being active leaders in Martial Arts, anytime issues come up in life, individuals can have confidence to take action and trust their instincts because of the hands-on experience.

Leadership development courses offered through Choe’s HapKiDo’s Instructor program help increase an individual’s chances of success in life. Taking initiative to go after jobs, promotions, and careers can be intimidating, but the experience as a Junior Instructor or an Assistant Instructor inspire people to strive to be their best. Even if they mess up or fail, they know how to get back up and persevere and be the leader they and others need. Most importantly, anyone who wants to learn and improve their leadership skills can definitely do so, and Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts is happy to help them grow in this area!

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