Leadership Development in Martial Arts

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If you’re searching for a program to help prepare your child for life, they will love our Leadership Development Program! Through our Assistant Instructor Program, your child will learn how to teach, lead, and serve others with passion and confidence. We hope the information below answers your questions!

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Martial Arts benefit kids on many different levels. In addition to challenging individuals physically, kids who do martial arts develop strong mindsets. Specifically, Martial Arts schools are great places for children to develop soft skills that will increase their chances of success in academics, jobs, careers, and all other pursuits. 

One soft skill that Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts specializes in teaching students is leadership. The beauty of developing this skill is that it calls to harness other soft skills such as team work, communication, work ethics, and decision making. At Choe’s HapKiDo, we love that we can guide students in leadership development. 

On top of coming to class regularly, students can enroll in our Junior Instructor and Assistant Instructor (Junior/Assistant Instructor) programs! While the Junior Instructor classes are for elementary and middle schoolers, the Assistant Instructor classes are for high schoolers and adults. By becoming an active Junior/Assistant Instructor in Martial Arts, children are well-equipped for life with leadership skills to help them navigate through life with experience and confidence. 

4 Top Ways Martial Arts Help Children to Grow in Leadership Development

Assistant Instructors are Excellent Teachers & Mentors!

One of the main roles of a Junior/Assistant Martial Arts Instructor is to become great teachers and mentors. Both Junior/Assistant Instructor programs meet once a week to discuss leadership skills and teaching skills, while learning deeper levels of martial arts. In class, belt tests, and special events, student instructors learn to lead in areas such as leading an entire class through warmups and instructing students one-on-one.

When it comes to Junior and Assistant Instructors teaching, they find it a rewarding process. As they discover teaching increases their understanding of concepts, they also learn how to collaborate with all kinds of people. Having experience in teaching and mentoring shows students how to serve others with compassion.

Students Learn How to Build Positive Relationships

Being able to build relationships with people in all kinds of settings is a wonderful skill! Relationship building helps children work in groups at school, make friends at their first job, and make new connections throughout their lives. 

Junior/Assistant Instructors will frequently work with individual students, and as a result exercise in being relatable, observant, and problem-solvers. What if the student they’re working with isn’t understanding how to do a technique? How will the instructor adjust and connect with the student? 

Another variety in relationship building that our leadership development program offers is leading an entire group or class. Whether it’s leading basic kicking exercises or managing a portion of a belt test, the leaders in training are exercising skills such as management, communication, and teamwork. Learning how to build relationships is valuable in everyday life, and having great interpersonal skills makes a big difference in cooperating and communicating with peers, colleagues, and co-workers. 

Our Students Develop Integrity and Dependability Traits

If a high schooler is aiming to run for student council or apply for other leadership roles at school or their workplace, having tangible experience where they have displayed being ethical and dependable makes a difference when being considered for a position. Junior/Assistant Instructor programs have practice in being reliable, great team players, and professional. 

In the Junior/Assistant Instructor programs, student instructors are frequently entrusted to carry out various responsibilities and see through them till completion. One example, an Assistant Instructor may have the task to pair students to work together. From working with the students often, the student instructor may have observed who trains better together and may assign partners accordingly. For a task like this, it requires the Assistant Instructor to be diplomatic, quick and decisive, and confident with their decisions.

These leaders in training understand they’re in a position to help class run smoothly and to improve students’ class experience. Knowing how to get things done the right way and on time are skills and lessons to learn. Under stress and adversity, it may be tempting to cheat, cut corners, and not follow through on tasks. But Martial Arts Instructors learn how to do the right thing and take ownership regardless of circumstances.

Martial Arts Instructors Become sharp Problem-Solvers

In a person’s life, there are times when we have to solve problems by ourselves. Other times, other people may be involved in the decision making process. Especially in stressful situations, learning to stay calm and coming up with solutions makes individuals valuable, reliable, and independent. Martial Arts leadership training gives students experience to stay calm and collected under pressure, to adapt, to take initiative, and to motivate others. From actively playing in a leadership role in Martial Arts, anytime issues arise in life, individuals can dive into their Junior/Assistant Instructor experience and make decisions with more certainty and confidence.

Leadership development opportunities through Choe’s HapKiDo’s Instructor program help children to develop skills to succeed in life. Going after jobs, promotions, and careers can be nerve wracking, but the experience as a Junior Instructor and an Assistant Instructor prepares children for any obstacle life throws at them. Furthermore, the greatest aspect about growing in leadership is that anyone who wants to learn this skill can, and Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts is happy to help them grow in this area!

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