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Start your Black Belt Journey at our Martial Arts Dojo with 2 FREE Classes! This gift applies to kids martial arts, teen martial arts, and adult martial arts! At Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts, we believe Martial Arts can change the world, and it’s not too late to begin your training!


Our dojo has a wonderful community!

A great Martial Arts Dojo should also have a great community, and Choe’s HapKiDo’s community is like a big happy family. What’s beautiful about our community is that everyone from all walks of life enjoys training together under one roof. As we have a blast training with one another daily and building special friendships, we also hang outside of class for monthly dinners and belt test celebrations. The joys of helping each other become better martial artists makes the journey to Black Belt even more special. This journey isn’t handled alone, and you’re always surrounded by the best company. The instructors, fellow martial artists, family, and friends all contribute to your success. In return, you’re helping your martial arts friends become better martial artists!

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If you’re looking to channel your martial arts dream into a reality, then check out Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Dojo!

Maybe you’re inspired by a passion for karate films or superheroes. Or perhaps, you’re interested in mastering self-defense, looking to have fun shaping up, or wanting to boost self-confidence. Whatever your reason, if you’re interested in becoming a super awesome Black Belt, our martial arts schools are perfect for jumping in and getting started. The rewarding experience of becoming a Black Belt guides us to be the best versions of ourselves and brings a great sense of accomplishment. Through hard work, dedication, challenges, and perseverance, we learn more about ourselves and understand how to apply ourselves in all parts of life. Martial Arts imparts invaluable life lessons and training that we take with us wherever we go.

what kind of classes do we offer at choe’s hapkido martial arts dojo?

Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Dojo offers a variety of classes for all ages! For Kids Martial Arts, our program fuels the kids with confidence, respect, discipline, and more!

One of the greatest aspects for martial arts and kids, our dojo is a place where kids can blow off steam. While they are building and improving motor skills and social skills, they get to enjoy learning martial arts techniques and self-defense.

Kids can start our program at 3-years-old! Our classes are divided by age groups, and the different interactions the kids have with one another is always positive! From working in pairs or on teams to complete various martial arts exercises, such as kicking and self-defense, the kids improve in teamwork, communication, and social skills. Most importantly, the instructors always make sure everyone is having fun learning at the dojos!

Are you interested in Martial Arts for yourself? It is NOT TOO LATE to start your journey to Black Belt!

Becoming a Black Belt during the adult years improves our health, and teaches us how to balance our lives better. As you advance from belt to belt, your best is brought out, and you learn how to better apply yourself in all parts of your life. Get ready to learn self-defense, board breaking, sparring, kicking techniques, punching techniques, and more!

If anything, Martial Arts reminds us how valuable are hard work, dedication, and patience, and we’re not too old to learn. What’s also great is you become part of a community filled with amazing instructors, students, parents, and more. Adult Martial Arts Classes are also a great way to improve in areas that you wish to. Overall, martial arts improves our quality of life!

Training to be in the best shape of your life happens at our Fitness Kickboxing Classes. As our Martial Arts classes are a great balance in improving your physical health and mental health, kickboxing is the ultimate workout for cardio, HIIT, and muscle endurance training. Workouts inspired by champion boxers and martial artists, our kickboxing instructors give you a super fun, calorie torching workout! These workouts will make you sweat, so come prepared with a towel, water bottle, gym bag, etc. We even give you a pair of boxing gloves for FREE when you sign up for our kickboxing starter packs! 

Our Teen Martial Arts program is life changing! As being a teenager presents it challenges of growing pains, peer pressure, and others obstacles, having a martial arts community in their life makes a difference. For starters, coming to our martial arts dojo keeps teens out of trouble, and they’re hanging out in a positive family-friendly environment. The instructors and peers are good influences too. Plus, spending time outside of school to exercise, to increase confidence, and to build leadership skills will improve their mood and attitude about life. While blowing off steam in class or practicing at home, they’re also taking a break from the electronics, drama, and life stress. A couple of our goals when working with teens (and everyone!) is to unlock their potential and show how amazing they are to the world!

At Choe’s HapKiDo, our Family Martial Arts Classes provide a place for fun outings with the crew! Taking classes a few times a week with your child, wife, or husband builds amazing bonds and improves relationships. Training together in class also inspires families to enjoy at-home practice time. Family Martial Arts helps everyone to improve in communication, teamwork, respect, trust, and more. Hands down, our classes are always fun and everyone in the family will have a blast hanging out!

Looking for a super cool way to celebrate your child’s next birthday bash? Check out our Kick’n Karate Birthday Parties! Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts Dojos are well-equipped to host the ultimate karate birthday party experience. Our padded floors, space, equipment, and awesome instructors make for a special experience. On top of enjoying a Martial Arts lesson with friends and family, the party’s fun is stepped up even more with games, music, food, and special Birthday Star Spotlights! Get ready for your Birthday Star to show off his karate skills in board breaking, Samurai Sword cake cutting, and more!

Enjoy a 2-hour fun-packed party that comes with the following: a martial arts lesson, games, pizza party, birthday cake, snacks and drinks!

Everyone at the party gets to enjoy themselves, from child to parent! The instructors take care of the set up, decorations, catering, chaperoning, hosting, organizing, and cleaning up, and you get to relax. Don’t worry! We have refreshments just for the parents to enjoy! This stress-free celebration is a kick’n way to make the day special for your child.

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