Kids are the next generation of our world! And it’s important to guide them the best we can. There might not be a rulebook on parenting, but it definitely helps when there’s a village (or community!) to help raise our kids. As Martial Arts instructors at Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts, we are passionate in changing the world one class at a time. From school to home, we see firsthand how students’ lives are impacted through martial arts, and we want to share this amazing world with everyone in our communities. From class, our students learn the value of hard work, discipline, confidence, and good focus. As a result of these lessons, Martial Arts helps kids to improve grades, to be more respectful, and to have better self-control.



Our students see the fruits of their work in action, and it shows them how they can achieve anything they set their minds to. While coming to class weekly teaches them the importance of consistency, how they train outside of class teaches kids all kinds of lessons. As they progress to each belt, it’s up to them how often they practice. They could be doing other activities, but choosing to stick with their practice schedule builds good character. And when they see their hard work paying off in class, they get a rush of joy from their hard earned success.


Kids’ confidence increases in school when they take Martial Arts! Our programs show kids what they’re capable of, and the kids boost their self-esteem. As instructors, we love watching shy kids becoming the loudest in class, energy-filled kids demonstrating better focus skills, and everyone showing immense growth in martial arts, school, and other activities.


At Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts, kids learn the importance of hardwork. By developing good habits to become a Black Belt, they help our students apply themselves to the fullest in everything they do. Learning new skills can be a challenge, but with consistent practice, undying persistence, and hardcore dedication, kids see that they have what it takes to be successful. 


Another way that Martial Arts helps kids get better grades is growing in mental toughness. They learn how to shake off the frustrations or embarrassment from messing up and to try again with a calm mind. When practice isn’t going perfectly, or maybe learning a new technique is taking weeks, it’s important for kids to develop a no-quitting attitude. At school, if they’re struggling with new concepts or getting bad grades, Martial Arts teaches them to be patient with themselves, to keep trying, and to seek their teacher and parent’s help. Our kids learn to pursue their studies and everything they do with great tenacity.


Part of doing well in school is to be able to focus and concentrate. With so many distractions out there, kids can have a hard time listening to the teachers and parents and completing tasks. At Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts, our classes help kids develop great focus and concentrating skills. For instance, students learning how to stand (or sit) and pay attention to their instructors teaches kids respect and good listening practice. Another example, students need to pay attention to what they and their partner are doing. Working with other kids teaches individuals how to better communicate and collaborate, while improving their social skills. When kids learn how to focus their eyes on a kicking target or complete tasks in martial arts class, they do better in school.

Martial arts is a positive, encouraging way to help kids unlock their potentials and learn how to apply themselves. When they’re struggling to make good grades in school, our martial arts program and instructors have a way of working with them on their overall skills. We’re not their parents or teachers, but we get to be additional good influencers in their lives. If your child is getting bad grades in school, we sit down and talk with them about healthy study habits. We also have our Super Star Program that encourages them to do better in school. Martial Arts is a positive, family-friendly environment where kids feel safe to grow and learn!