Finding the ultimate premier martial arts experience that has everything you’re looking for is challenging. How can you tell if you’ve found the perfect martial arts program for you or your child? Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts hopes the information below can help answer your questions. If anything, the best way to experience our classes is to try them out. Take 2 Free Classes at Choe’s HapKiDo! Whether you’re interested in trying out kids karate classes, teen karate classes, adult karate classes, or kickboxing, we have super fun classes that the whole family will enjoy!

what is hapkido martial arts?

A traditional Korean martial art that has been handed down from generation to generation. What is HapKiDo? The meaning of HapKiDo translates to the way of coordinating one’s inner strength with their outer strength. This means that one’s Ki power comes from your inner strength. What’s great about HapKiDo is that you don’t have to be the strongest person in the room. Our martial art’s defensive techniques are based on circular motion instead of linear motion. These techniques are least likely to cause injury when learning, while being super effective against great force.

why do martial arts?

Martial Arts offers individuals a plethora of growing opportunities, and Choe’s HapKiDo classes help guide students to be well-rounded. It’s great for teaching kids respect, focus, and discipline; it increases teens’ self-respect and decreases time on the electronics; it helps adults to improve their focus and balance in life. But what we especially love about HapKiDo is that everyone of all ages, gender, and backgrounds can enjoy this martial art! Learning martial arts is more than just kicking, punching, and yelling. It’s a sport that helps students to become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually.

what kind of premier martial arts classes does choe’s hapkido offer?

Martial Arts is an excellent way for kids to learn respect, discipline, focus, hard work, humility, perseverance, and confidence!

Kids are awesome! They show us time and time again how much potential they have when given guidance in a positive learning environment. If you have kids who struggle to sit still, to listen to directions, to speak up in class, to deal with bullies, and to make friends, Martial Arts classes will help them. Or maybe, your child is looking for a sport to enjoy or shows an interest in martial arts!

One of our greatest joys in teaching kids premium martial arts is that it’s something everyone can learn and grow in. Quiet kids become the loudest, high energy kids learn to channel their focus, a kid who struggles in sports improves his athletic abilities, an athletic child finds martial arts to help improve all around, and kids enjoy making friends. These are just some examples how martial arts impacts kids’ lives! Most importantly, Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts is a school where everyone enjoys aiming to become Black Belts together!

Calling all adults! If you think it’s too late to start your Black Belt journey—THINK AGAIN!

Becoming a Black Belt during the adult years doesn’t only improve your health, it also teaches us how to better balance our lives. Every belt you earn helps you to learn more about yourself. As you learn self-defense, different punches, kicks, and other techniques, you also boost your self-esteem. Martial Arts shows us how hard work, dedication, and patience still pays off, and we’re not too old to learn new things. What’s also great is you become part of a community composed of instructors, students, parents, and more. Adult Martial Arts Classes are also a great way to spend quality time with your child and spouse. Overall, martial arts is a way to improve the quality of our lives and to increase enjoyment.

Have you ever seen a champion fighter and admired how fit they are? If you’re looking for the ultimate cardio, HIIT, muscle endurance training, Fitness Kickboxing is for you! We take the fitness regimen that champion boxers and martial artists use, and we turn it all into a super fun, calorie torching workout! These workouts will make you sweat, so come prepared with a towel, water bottle, gym bag, etc. We even give you a pair of boxing gloves for FREE when you sign up for our kickboxing starter packs! 

Journeying through the teen years with an awesome martial arts community will make a difference for your child. As your child goes through growing up challenges, peer pressure, and other obstacles, teens often struggle with confidence and self-esteem. Martial Arts provides a great place for your teen to blow off steam, while learning all kinds of life lessons. Your teen will also be exercising regularly, spending less time on the electronics, and being around a positive group of influencers. Becoming a Black Belt in a traditional martial art like Choe’s HapKiDo will show your teen how to apply themselves to everything in life.

At Choe’s HapKiDo Martial Arts, our Family Martial Arts Classes make for super fun outings. Taking classes a few times a week with your child, wife, or husband can become amazing bonding opportunities. As you train together in class, the family will enjoy at-home practice time. Family Martial Arts improves relationships in areas such as communication, teamwork, respect, trust, and more. Hands down, our classes are always fun and time well spent!

Looking for a cool, unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday party? Check out our Kick’n Karate Birthday Parties! To liven up the karate experience, the parties are held in our well-equipped professional martial arts schools and hosted by our Black Belt instructors! The padded floors and space make it perfect to run around and scream, while learning real karate techniques. The Birthday Star even gets to learn to break a board and cut their cake with a real Samurai Sword! 

Enjoy a 2-hour karate birthday party that comes with a martial arts lesson, games, pizza party, birthday cakes, snacks and drinks, and much more! The party is designed so EVERYONE enjoys themselves. As the instructors take care of the set up, decorations, catering, chaperoning, hosting, organizing, and cleaning up, you get to relax. Don’t worry! We have refreshments just for the parents to enjoy! This stress-free celebration is a kick’n way to make the day special for your child.

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