The Value of Martial Arts In Students’ Lives

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As Martial Arts instructors, we’re great advocates in what we do—what we teach impacts our students’ lives! While they’re actively taking classes, they improve in fitness, respect, focus, discipline, humility,  perseverance, and confidence. Even years after they stopped classes, students are still positively affected by the internal changes experienced and the lessons learned. What we want to share with you today is how Martial Arts is valuable in people’s lives in the long-run. From what we’ve seen, our students have been able to confidently go after colleges, jobs, and careers because of the high quality Martial Arts training experienced at Choe’s HapKiDo.

4 Top Ways Martial Arts is Valuable for Students’ Careers!

Martial Arts Helps Students with College!

Preparing for college is a huge life change that requires paperwork, good grades, SATs/ACTs, application processes, finding the right colleges, and going off to a new area to start a new chapter. To get through it all, it helps when students know how to lead themselves to get what they need to get done. Life values learned from Martial Arts include being disciplined until tasks are completed, balancing important tasks with everything else, and believing in self to aim high. 

Additionally, Martial Arts students have developed fantastic interpersonal skills by having worked with all kinds of people. Having to meet new people in new areas can have someone filled with anxiety and nervousness. However, Martial Arts students have collaborated with martial arts peers on helping each other train; they have led entire groups and classes in training; and they have had experience adapting to obstacles. 

Lastly, when students enter college, Martial Arts has taught them the importance of self-defence, self-respect, and making good decisions. From Martial Arts Classes, students are prepared academically, socially, and mentally. 

Martial Arts Helps Students with Resume Building

When students are trying to get a job after high school, showing off their experiences and skills can be a challenge. With Martial Arts Leadership roles added to resumes, this position could qualify as volunteer experience, past employment, and tangible experience to showcase character.

At Choe’s HapKiDo, we offer our students to enroll in our leadership programs to become Martial Arts Assistant Instructors. With this role, students are developing skills in leadership and teaching, while receiving firsthand experience of being active leaders in class, belt tests, events, and more. Assistant Instructors are entrusted with responsibilities, develop integrity, improve in communication skills, learn management skills, and the list goes on!

From being an Assistant Instructor for at least a year, students learn more about their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and how to apply themselves to the fullest. Our instructors at Choe’s are heavily invested in mentoring students and can be a great source for recommendation letters and professional references. Overall, Martial Arts is great proof of experience to give students’ an edge in their resumes and professional portfolios. 

Martial Arts Helps Students with Work Study & Internships

Having an active leadership role in Martial Arts is experience students can share on their resumes and interviews for work study programs and internships. Relevant experience that applies to new positions and Martial Arts training include being dependable (showing up on time, meeting deadlines), strong communication skills (teaching and leading individuals/groups), and  leadership (being an Assistant Instructor). These are just a few examples, but the list of relevant experiences is long! Being a Martial Arts Assistant Instructor is valuable experience to rely on when going into new jobs and positions.

Martial Arts Helps Students with their Careers

From high schoolers to adults, our students have shared with us how Martial Arts training has given them confidence to pursue their passions. Seeing where our students go in life, there are no words to capture how amazing it is to watch them succeed and be happy. We are honored to be a part of all of our students’ journeys! 

Part of Martial Arts training is helping students to unlock their potential, but they also come to learn what they’re good at and what they enjoy doing. As a result of spending time in a supportive community and training their hardest to become Black Belts, our students are able to go after their passions with everything they’ve got, but also with tools of success. They’re not afraid of working hard, messing up, and attacking big goals. 

Martial Arts is such a valuable asset to students’ success. Because they had martial arts training, students are able to approach situations a little differently from their peers. The experience at Choe’s HapKiDo has taught them who they are and how to apply martial arts to all parts of life.

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