Yoga & Tai Chi Classes

Welcome to Yoga & Tai Chi Classes at Choe’s HapKiDo!

We hope you try our exercise program that is powerful, serene, graceful, calming, and energizing. Under the teachings of our Health & Wellness Classes, we teach a well-rounded course that embraces Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Zen Yoga Stretching, and Meditation.

No matter how much we enjoy aging, the world continues to move fast. When we frequently experience tiredness, low-energy, high blood pressure, mood swings, or other health concerns,  these are indicators that our health needs to be taken care of. Through our Health & Wellness Classes, we can show you how to slow down time, appreciate the art of deep breaths, relieve stress, restore balance, and nurture our health. The mind and body are powerful. As we journey through life, practicing Yoga & Tai Chi regularly improves our physical, mental, and spiritual health. When we learn how to be mindful through meditation and movements, the mind and body work better together as one, and we are able to improve our Health and Wellness!

What Kind Do Our Health & Wellness Classes Teach?

Tai Chi

Slow moving meditation teaches you to control your breathing and build energy with low impact movements. Improve balance, grace and poise.

Qi Gong

Ancient technique used to balance organ functions and stimulate natural healing powers.

Zen Yoga Stretching

Improve energy flow along Ki Meridians and focus your mind while increasing circulation.


Learning to calm your mind helps you relax, reduce stress, and become a more compassionate person.

What are the Benefits of Practicing Yoga & Tai Chi?

Yoga, Tai Chi, & Qi Gong are low-impact exercises. What’s great is that there’s many kinds of movements and stretches that can be done standing up, sitting down, and lying down. Overall, regularly practicing these art forms improve mobility, flexibility, and balance. People who practice these kinds of exercises have also experienced less stress, better mood, increased energy and stamina, improved quality of sleep, strengthened immune system, decreased blood pressure, improved joint pain, and reduced risk of falling for older adults.

What makes Yoga & Tai Chi an energizing and restorative exercise, our Health & Wellness Classes have our energy continuously circulating through our body by breaths and graceful flowing movements. Without the need of exercise equipment or extraneous HIIT workouts, we can still gain results such as better breath control, balance, coordination, and posture. Yoga & Tai Chi also improve awareness and mind-body integration. Going through these slow movements increases our understanding, appreciation, and confidence of how our body parts are supposed to move.

Another aspect of Yoga & Tai Chi that’s beneficial, we enter a deep state of relaxation throughout class, which helps the body to recover. If you enjoy meditation or have been curious about this exercise, our Health & Wellness Classes put meditation into motion! There’s great joy and happiness fostered from meditation, yoga, & Tai Chi! By the time we are done with class, we are ready to go out in the world fully charged!

To learn more about our Tai Chi & Qi Gong Classes, we welcome you to try a FREE class!

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